The Tale Behind The Tune

The songs of Jenny Colquitt

The songs of Jenny Colquitt

“YOU’RE ALL VERY quiet tonight” remarked the singer on the stage as the final note of what she knew was one of her most popular songs faded into silence.

But there was a reason for the silence; for the delayed reaction. We were spellbound. The applause came. And then some.

Jenny Colquitt. Singer, songwriter, musician. In her hometown of Widnes. Saturday 29th January 2022. First night of her mini-tour to promote her stunning new album ‘Something Beautiful’.

It wasn’t the first time listening to Jenny had had this effect on me. The first time she wasn’t even there, not in person anyway. I was at another music venue when one of her songs came over the PA system. A lovely lilting piano melody. And then the voice. And what a voice! Musical alchemy.

I can remember only one other time when a solo performance has blown me away like this; when Texas based country musician Radney Foster took to the stage at the Boardwalk in Sheffield. Just him and his guitar. But that was over 20 years ago. This is now.

Jenny also has a guitar. And a harmonica. And, of course, her beloved Yamaha keyboard on which she plays two to three times a week to a devoted online audience of Facebook, YouTube and ‘Twitch’ followers. I don’t know what Twitch is, but I will soon because I want to hear more of her voice, more of her melodies, more of Jenny Colquitt.

This horrible COVID pandemic has been tough. But some good has come from it too. It gave Jenny the space she needed to hone her songwriting and perfect her playing. Her Something Beautiful album is just that: beautiful. A mix of folk, Americana, power pop and more; a sound all on its own. The sound of Jenny Colquitt.

I spoke to another music lover recently at a Keiza Gill gig. I asked him if he’d heard of Jenny. Turned out he had. “She’s one of those people who doesn’t realise how good they are”, he said.

I couldn’t agree more. I was lucky enough to interview Jenny for my radio show at the turn of the year, and here’s the best bit: she’s a lovely, genuine person too.

Jenny Colquitt is going places. And I for one intend to be along for the ride. Why not join me by following Jenny on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube or Twitch?

Click below to listen to Jenny Colquitt discussing the stories behind some of her songs…