Listen at your leisure!

Listen at your leisure!

TO MARK the 100th edition of the Radio Warrington Country & Folk Show, the entire two hour show has been posted live to our MixCloud account for you to listen to at your convenience.

MixCloud is a fair and legal listening platform that supports both music makers and broadcasters. We chose the service as our “listen-again” platform as it aims to ensure all artists, songwriters and rights holders receive their fair royalties.

For this to happen, we pay a monthly fee to MixCloud which allows us to upload our content and they do the rest.

Other highlights to look out for on our MixCloud account in the coming weeks are re-runs of our popular Take Behind The Tune feature and, where time allows, occasional re-runs of entire shows. You may also see snippets from other Radio Warrington shows on there such as the Culture Show.

Here’s the link to the 100th edition:-