The Mill Sessions

Dave Buckley live at The Mill

Dave Buckley live at The Mill

WITH OVER 50 years in the music business behind him, Dave Buckley is what you might call a journeyman musician – talented, experienced and very good at what he does.

After forming a band with two schoolmates in the 1960s, he left to join ‘psychedelic voyagers’ Free Flight in 1971, followed by glam rockers Moonshine, then pop/funk band Midnight before becoming a founding member of the much-loved new wave/punk outfit the Jeff Hill Band.

There were other bands along the way – including Drive North West, The Tribal Elders and Indian Summer – and Dave’s still releasing music today with his most recent album, Maybe This World Is Another Planet’s Heaven, receiving rave reviews in early 2023.

Originally (and still) a drummer, Dave is also a proficient guitarist who still performs regular gigs with The Pink Pumps and occasionally with the band he now records with, The Watchwood.

Influenced by the likes of Richard Thompson and Ray Davies, Dave’s songwriting has been described as “Quintessentially English”. Endearingly eccentric (meant in the nicest possible way) and with a host of stories to tell, Radio Warrington’s Andy Green asked Dave to elaborate on his career to date…

Dave Buckley chats to Andy Green about lending Rick Astley his drum kit, his career in music and more.

Me & The River (Mill Session) by Dave Buckley

“Everybody needs a refuge, somewhere to run to, real or imaginary,” says Dave. “And this song is about mine…”

Bob (Mill Session) by Dave Buckley

Everybody loves a break up song and this is Dave Buckley’s break up song – it’s called Bob…

Fire Stories (Mill Session) by Dave Buckley

“Fire Stories is the only song I’ve ever dreamt,” says Dave. “It was the late nineties and I woke up with a song in my head so I went downstairs and wrote down what I could remember. But there was a missing chord, a crucial one, that I couldn’t quite get my head around. So I went back to bed, dreamt about it again and hey presto I got the missing chord….”

Jesus Wants Me For A Bicycle (Mill Session) by Dave Buckley

This song is about Stockton Heath, Warrington where Dave lives. Intriguingly, it’s also about “a soul transmigrated into a bicycle ridden by the saviour.” Enjoy!

For more information on Dave Buckley visit the Facebook pages of Dave Buckley & The Watchwood or The Pink Pumps.

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